Garbhagnan is a knowledge repository built to provide top notch training, Training sessions and workshops for knowledge sharing with the fraternity will be the primary aim of GarbhaGnan. A wide choice of online and offline courses are available and these offer phenomenal learning opportunity to gynaecologists, general practioners, medical students, urologists, science graduates and also for para-medical staff. It is established by the fastest growing chain of fertility hospitals to spread their expertise and success in infertility and reproductive technologies.

Why GarbhaGnan

  • It is a platform where experts in the field of infertility medicine, protocols, surgeries, embryology etc. will share their expertise and experience
  • Professionals who are looking for the cutting edge in technology, treatment protocols, process improvements, research can find the required information
  • Practical and implementable training sessions and lessons will be shared which can provide In-depth knowledge
  • Training sessions will be guided by faculty members who are stalwarts in infertility and related fields. Their vast experience and depth of knowledge in their respective area of expertise will provide immense value addition to the course material.
  • Leveraging Technology – At GarbhaGnan, we will utilize the best learning management solutions to provide training in a blended environment – online to make it easy or students to learn and revise at their convenience on their hand-held devices and also deep classroom and hands-on workshops to help students clarify their doubts, learn from the experts directly and also learn from each other’s questions and curiosities.
  • Simulators – Wherever applicable, medical simulators will be deployed to make the learning process easy, quick and efficient. No more will students have to wait for long durations to understand the real-life cases. All simulators will be available on virtual reality based immersive technology.
  • A Learning environment that provides the advantage of state of art infrastructure, high-end equipment, latest in learning paradigms, stimulating conversations, newest research summaries and much more
  • Learning centres that are conveniently located and easily accessible for students

Short term

These are courses with a duration of 1 week to 2 months. These are aimed at introducing the learner to a new area. Students will gain sufficient knowledge to start preliminary practice in this area but they will not be experts.

Most of these courses are blended programs where students will have to go through online courses, go through videos and other content on the learning management system, take tests online, then attend hands-on workshops, classroom sessions and then submit case analysis and other assignments online.

  • Ultrasound scanning course for infertility
  • Basic Male Infertility Workup
  • Basics Embryology
  • Basics of IVF
  • IUI Workshop


Part time

These are courses which are predominantly online and are of a few hours long. These are aimed at introducing the learner to a new topic which is related to their area of practice already. Students will gain basic knowledge in this area but they will not be experts.

Most of these courses are completely online programs where students will have to go through courses, go through videos and other content on the learning management system, take tests online. There will rarely be instructors or faculty guiding these courses in-person.

  • Managing PCOD
  • Managing Endometriosis
  • Poor Ovarian Reserve and Premature Ovarian Failure
  • Cryopreservation of gametes

Long-term Courses

These are extensive courses with a duration of 3 months to 3 years. Students are expected to come and attend classes on a periodic basis. Students also have to go through the course content online. These courses require a lot of commitment and ownership from the students.

Such courses usually have a final examination which can be theoretical, practical, demonstration of skills / knowledge etc. There may be one or more examiners conducing these exams.

  • Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine (IMA-AMS)


Diploma Courses

These are similar to long term courses in structure and expectations. The only difference being that these courses are usually done in affiliation with a board or a university. The curriculum, the teaching methodologies, the frequency of classes, the content, the examination modalities etc. are all defined by the board or the university. GarbhaGnan will be executing the whole course as per the prescribed program plan.

  • Diploma in Infertility and Reproductive Health
  • PG Diploma in Male Infertility and Andrology
  • Diploma in Ultrasound Scanning for Infertility
  • PG Diploma in Embryology
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