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Indications of ART 1.Stage III and IV endometriosis 2.Altered tubo-ovarian relationship 3.Multiple failed IUI 4.Age factor of the female 5.Associated male infertility IVF in Endometriosis- What Differs? 1.Lower ovarian response to Gonadotropins 2.Poor response – 29.7% required to discontinue cycle 3.Lower number of oocytes retrieved…


Art in pcos

INDICATIONS FOR ART IN PCOS 1. Refractory to standard ovulation induction 2. Failed to conceive despite 6 ovulatory cycles 3. Coexistent infertility factors (advanced age, tubal damage, severe endometriosis, need for PGD) 4. Multiple failed IUI cycles 5. Male factor infertility (Azoospermia or Severe oligoasthenoteratozoospermia)…


Thyroid and fertility

Function of Thyroid gland: Thyroid gland is an endocrine gland situated in front of the neck which produces thyroid hormones to regulate the body’s metabolism. Imbalanced thyroid hormones can have a negative impact on reproductive health in both males and females, also it can affect…

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